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A new week

ThailandPosted by Soren Wettendorff Monday, October 13 2008 13:58:06

We keep the breath in Bangkok for the moment. The good news are that the PAD has postponed (wisely) planned protests as they will avoid clashes with the police, and realized that the police are not the enemy, and as they cant get directly in front of the “real enemy”, it’s better to put things on hold until further notice.

The PM are as the rest of his family (remember he’s the brother in law of Thaksin), and a 10 year old corruption cases or rather Tax fraud while taking a huge potion of shares in his sisters company – Shin Cooperation, which was stated as a wedding gift on his tax fillings for the year. For reasons I will not judge here, just comment on that his marriage was 2 years earlier, the revenue department have a hard time believing this, and are more likely to call it fraud and have visualized this by taking the matter to court. The case will start Tuesday the 14 October.

Even the Chief of army; Anupong have now called for the PM to step back, his reason for this is that the PM should take the responsibility for the incidents last week, and he’s just the latest among many who are voicing this now. Anyhow, the PM is not likely to get out “alive” from the courthouse so let’s see what the week brings, but one thing for sure, the odds of him surviving a week more in office are not good.

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