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Millitary vs. Goverment

ThailandPosted by Soren Wettendorff Friday, October 17 2008 13:08:37

Backed by Supreme Commander Gen Songkitti Jakkabatr, navy chief Adm Kamthorn Phumhiran, air force leader ACM Itthaporn Supawong, and police chief Pol-Gen Patcharawat Wongsuwan, General Anupong the chief commander of the armed forces, yesterday went on national TV with following statement.

"I am not saying this to pressure the government to resign, but it must take responsibility. No government can survive after the spilling of people's blood, because society can never accept this. There's no point in staying on when the country has already been damaged."

General Anupong continued to rule out a coup, saying it would not solve the political strife. The armed forces leaders and the public were not in favor of it, but see the step down of the PM khun Somchay as a acknowledgement of the governments mistake to enforce power on October the 7th. The PM has also a case with the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) over the transaction of shares from his sister in the Thaksin owned Shinarwat company, mentioned earlier in this blog.

Also Thaksin got his problems and his case over the sale of the Shinarwat company will start 25th December – merry X-mas Khun Thaksin.

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