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Before the Weekend

ThailandPosted by Soren Wettendorff Saturday, October 11 2008 11:56:15

Bangkok is back to normal, and all the doomsday journalists must look elsewhere to support their hunger for blood. I have received mails with the predictions that’s the Tuesdays episodes in the streets of Bangkok, was the end of Thailand as a travel destination – we wait and see. Funny enough, those statements about political crises in Thailand are all from outsiders looking in, and views are based on CNN and other medias.

Also there are people guessing that the military will take over and ”there will be blood”. Actually it’s what many people are hoping for basically because the Chief of Amy have shown his political ability, and from his and the army’s side the whole situation has been handled very professionally. Sorry to say – but when the current government can’t get things together it could be time for a strong hand guiding them, and no one better at this time than Khun Aungpong.

Many people get scared when the hear the words “State of Emergency” and “Marshall Law”, because they confuse them with the violent dictators which the world has been “blessed” with though times, but the perception here is different. Actually it just means to authorize the military to intervene in case they need it, and they are not running around doing strip searches and detaining innocent people like the case is in Africa and Latin America.

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