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"Mega FAM Trip" 12 – 16 July

ThailandPosted by Soren Wettendorff Thursday, June 24 2010 21:44:09
TAT is planning the "Mega FAM Trip" 12 – 16 July, and will host and arrange tours around the country free of charge for selected media and tour company representatives. Good to hear, but wonder who have done the planning, as obviously the routings and programs are already in place. Attending the ATTA monthly meeting today (24 June) nobody mentioned anything. During these times where we should be helping out each other in the hope of everybody to survive which should be common interest, I think that the TAT are keeping the cards too tight and we could suspect that the organizing is in the hands of the usual suspects. After all the event is financed by government funding which at the end of the day is us, the tax payer, this be both companies and personal tax payers alike, why we should all be sharing the benefits.

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