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Pattaya at night

Tourist in ThailandPosted by Soren Wettendorff Thursday, October 09 2008 12:08:03

If there’s on spot in Thailand a lot of people will agree to be a black spot, then it’s Pattaya.


Mainly because the press for decades have pressured stories about the “underworld” there, with sleaze, and countless stories about the wild sex life there.

It’s true, it’s there, like at any popular tourist destination people are there to relax and having a good time, and for many a good nightlife, restaurants & shopping is a most. Just back from a pleasant weekend stay at the Amari Orchid – Ocean Tower, I can confirm that the city is rocking. After a superb dinner at the Amari’s mantra restaurant, we headed towards the Pattaya walking street to hook up with friends for an evening out. Turning the last stretch of the North Pattaya road into a walking street is just a perfect idea. Imagine being able to walk and window shopping without having the constant fear of being run down over you head. Some cozy bars there along with what’s Pattaya is famous for as well – the Go-go’s, and we went in.

You can and will find the perverted once, if you are looking for it, but the once we had time to visit were fare from that, if not to say quite tasteful decorated, and a lot of dressed girls. The crowd in there a mix of, of cause single males but a surprisingly high number of middle-aged couples, having the experience of their life and what seems to be a good time to. By the way me and my wife had a good time too.

To be continued…..

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